Core Updates - 2014.04.27

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Core Updates - 2014.04.27

#1 » Post by prodigy » 27 Apr 2014 20:37

Only changes that concerns players are shown:
  • Core/Chat: Fix AddonMessaging and logging
    TW Prevent Living Bomb combat bug
    *Final explosion of Living Bomb will no longer put the caster or target(s) in combat
    *There is not a single spell using this aura, but now it works :)
    Core/Movement: Fix LoS issue of NPCs chasing targets
    Fix SPELL_DAMAGE_CLASS_NONE unable to crit
    *Corrected logic mistake where switch fallthrough was intended (or should have been).
    *Fixes the following.
    *// Earth Shield
    *// Lifebloom Final Bloom
    *// Divine Hymn
    *// Item - Bauble of True Blood 10m
    *// Item - Bauble of True Blood 25m
    Core/Logging: store loggers in cache correctly
    Core/ChatLog: handle chatlog options with extended logging system
    Fix Sweeping Strikes damage
    Scripts/Ruby Sanctum: Fixed Onyx Flamecallers not aggroing players once pathing ended.
    [TW279] - Core/Battlegrounds: Increase AV frequency
    *Allows AV to start if last BG was at least 13v13. Also prevents starting a second AB, EotS or SotA. AV will start instead.
    Scripts/Ruby Sanctum: Fixed Halion engaging combat outside of his Flame Ring.
    Core/GameObjects: Fix crash with Summoning Ritual GOs
    [TW] - Core/Spells: Fix Rotu & Rotd cd
    Scripts/ZulGurub: clean up the code and remove old hacks
    [TW278] - Core/Scripts: Prevent multiple spawns of Ulag
    DB/Item: Fix Essence of the Pure Flame scaling
    [TW280] - Core/Scripts: ToCh - Clean up the AI for the city lesser champions at the Grand Champions encounter
    [TW281] - Core/Scripts: ToCh - Make charging more dynamic, so champions charge at all
    [TW282] - Core/Scripts: ToCh - Get rid of an event spam, still at lesser champions' AI
    [TW283] - Core/Scripts: ToCh - Clean up an ancient hack, step forward a reset method for Grand Champions
    [TW285] - Core/Scripts: ToCh - Fix Grand Champion's encounter malfunctioning after crashes
    TW fix Cobra Reflexes
    Core/Spells: Fixed players being able to mount with all transform auras
    [TW286] - Core/Scripts: ToCh - Makes it so the Grand Champions' encounter can be reset in case of wipes and massive clean up
    [TW288] - Core/Scripts: Make Sindragosa's Ice Tombs immune to knockback effects
    DB/CreatureText: Started the conversion to the BroadcastText system
    [TW] DB/Achievement Add missing sql code for 25 man if looks could kill.
    [TW289] - Core/Scripts: Clean ups and reverts and adds a missing event...
    Core/Spells: fixed Relic of the Earthen Ring
    Fix done & taken procs
    [TW] Core/Spells: DK Bloodworms Talent
    *Change the effect diesides of the summon effect to summon 2-4 bloodworms. Looks like this should be inherited from the trigger aura but it's not.
    [TW290] - Core/Scripts: ToCh - Tiny hack clean up at vehicles
    [TW293] - Core/Scripts: ToCh - Convert Eadric and Paletress' scripts to EventMaps
    DB/SAI: Runes of Compulsion (Quest: 12093)
    [TW] Core/Spells: Talent Art of War (Rank 2)
    *Makes it so instant cast of flash of light or exorcism doesn't reset the swing timer.
    Scripts/UtgardeKeep: fixed some issues on Ingvar the Plunderer
    DB/Creature: Highlord Bolvar Fordragon
    Scripts/Ulduar: Archivum Console
    * Scripts for Archivum Console, Brann Bronzebeard (33235), Prospector Doren/Loren
    * Fixing quest chaining for both versions of the archivum data disc chains
    * Fixes loot so correct quest starter item drops from assembly when done in hard mode rather than 10m quest item dropping in 25 and nothing dropping in 10 man
    * Scripted events for turn in of Archivum Data Disk, The celestial Planetarium and watcher Analysis's and turn in of ancient history (Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings chain)
    * Fix both versions of the Celestial Planetarium
    Core/Spells: Convert Avenging Wrath to spellscript
    Core/MMAPs: Improve NPC behavior with fences and high climbs
    DB/Quest: Script replacement of/or issueing of items needed for quests
    DB/Quest: Plundering the Plunderers
    Scripts/Ruby Sanctum: Fixed corporeality scaling changes.
    DB/Creature: Fix Birgitte Cranston
    DB/Creature Text: Add texts for Injured Soldiers
    Core/Misc: Fix change faction on dead Night Elves keeping the speed buff
    *Fix change faction on dead Night Elves causing the new player keeping the 175% wisp speed buff.
    *Players will be resurrected automatically on change faction.
    [TW294] - Core/Scripts: Move Eadric melee attacks out of the event bracket, also solve issues with the Black Knight not starting at all
    DB/Creature: Fix Earthcaller Ryga
    Core/Units: Don't set new power type if old power type is the same
    [TW] Core/Spells: Abilities like shred and backstab should not be dodged or parried vs players
    DB/Quest: operation Gnomeran chain correction
    Core/Spells: corrected implementation of SPELL_EFFECT_QUEST_START
    DB/Quest: Sacrifices Must be Made
    DB/Quest: Latent Power (12094)
    Scripts/Gnomeregan: moved Blastmaster Emi gossip to db
    DB/Locales: Official localizations
    [TW] Core/Spell Script: Starfall & Typhoon los
    *filter out implicit targets that are not in los with caster.
    DB/Creature: Lorrin Foxfire
    [TW] Core/Scripts: Ulduar Brann Bronzebeard
    *base work just to make it possible to do normal mode flame leviathan without destroying all the towers.
    Core/AuctionHouse: Fix AuctionHouse exploit
    *Fix an exploit in Auction House using either CheatEngine or WPE that allowed to sell more items than the Player had in inventory or to crash worldserver.
    Core/Player: Check Player race and class on login
    *Don't allow login for Players with bad race/class combination to avoid any further crash later.
    [TW] Core/SpellScripts: SOTA Demolisher scaling
    * Better scaling on demolishers. based on whatever 3.3 footage i was able to find. 130k is proper base and 196k being the highest seen.
    * Tanks scales based on highest item level player in the tank including passengers, should only be driver.
    * Tank should scale down aswell (not 100%) but this doesn't happen for any vehicle at present.
    Core/Movement: Fixed an exploit allowing players to crash the server by using modified movement packets
    Core/Handlers: Add inspect distance and target checks
    Core/LFG: Fix LFG GS requirement not updated until relog
    *Fix Player receiving "You do not meet the requirements for the chosen dungeons" for too low Gear Score level even after equipping items with high enough Gear Score.
    TW Fix animal handler & night of the dead
    DB/Gossip: Add missing gossip to Sar'this
    DB/Gossip: Add missing gossip to Argent Squire
    DB/Creature: Fix some incorrect factions
    Core/Trade: Correction of distance checking
    * replaced some trinity_string with broadcasttexts
    * basic implementation of phasing in SA
    * spawn some triggers in SA (fixes dest position of teleport pads)
    * added text getter to broadcasttext struct
    * some cleanup in destructable go event notification
    Scripts/Sholazar Basin: Reconnaissance Flight (12671)
    DB/Creature: Fix some hard modes values

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Re: Core Updates - 2014.04.27

#2 » Post by Teraan » 27 Apr 2014 21:44

Wall of fixes>3
Good job for all who fixed those bugs...;3
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Re: Core Updates - 2014.04.27

#3 » Post by ItchyVortex » 27 Apr 2014 21:58

"*Corrected logic mistake where switch fallthrough was intended (or should have been).
*Fixes the following.
*// Earth Shield
*// Lifebloom Final Bloom
*// Divine Hymn
*// Item - Bauble of True Blood 10m
*// Item - Bauble of True Blood 25m"

does this mean healing isnt getting more reduced than it should? Or that they can now crit?
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Re: Core Updates - 2014.04.27

#4 » Post by Eisen » 27 Apr 2014 22:01

Warlocks' Fel Armor is proccin all procs with it's HP regen xD
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Re: Core Updates - 2014.04.27

#5 » Post by Ancestor » 27 Apr 2014 22:05


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Re: Core Updates - 2014.04.27

#6 » Post by prodigy » 27 Apr 2014 22:06

Was actually expecting the autoproc bug..will be fixed soon.

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Re: Core Updates - 2014.04.27

#7 » Post by Justicelight » 27 Apr 2014 22:14

@ Itchy - they can crit now i guess
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Re: Core Updates - 2014.04.27

#8 » Post by Rehan » 27 Apr 2014 22:17


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Re: Core Updates - 2014.04.27

#9 » Post by Naljs » 28 Apr 2014 00:04

Really great update! Question; the Living Bomb combat fix, has it been/can be implented on Wandering Plague as well?
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Re: Core Updates - 2014.04.27

#10 » Post by keez » 28 Apr 2014 00:13

good job

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Re: Core Updates - 2014.04.27

#11 » Post by unghie2005 » 28 Apr 2014 00:39

really great crashes, i stopped counting their number ...

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Re: Core Updates - 2014.04.27

#12 » Post by mcheka » 28 Apr 2014 00:41

Great updates, but one of them must have broken something - in case you guys aren't already aware, there are frequent crashes following the core update.
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Re: Core Updates - 2014.04.27

#13 » Post by marko1984 » 28 Apr 2014 01:28

Living Bomb combat fix doesnt work... just tested D:
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Re: Core Updates - 2014.04.27

#14 » Post by Nyeriah » 28 Apr 2014 01:42

I've fixed one of the crashes of lately. The other ones were some old thing that has been around for a while now... we don't really know what causes it.

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Re: Core Updates - 2014.04.27

#15 » Post by jemboy » 28 Apr 2014 03:49

Thanks for the Cobra Reflexes fix. Pet attack power didn't seem to change after the Animal Handler fix though.


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