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by Yehu
26 Oct 2014 08:51
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Topic: Hogger10n Realm First
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Re: Hogger10n Realm First

Soloed him with my level 1 twink :D
by Yehu
03 May 2014 15:56
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Topic: ITT: Your trink bind.
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Re: ITT: Your trink bind.

by Yehu
02 Feb 2014 10:35
Forum: General Announcements
Topic: EoE25 & Character transfers!
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Re: EoE25 & Character transfers!

Why are you opening EoE at such a silly time? Why not open it in the evening or so when more players are online?
by Yehu
11 Jan 2014 09:05
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What art? Comparing a fire in a house of a nobody and burning down Louvre? Pathetic
by Yehu
08 Nov 2013 11:42
Forum: Interface and Macros
Topic: Emblem exchange macro
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Emblem exchange macro

I believe there are many people that buy gems with emblems. If you want to save time you can use this macro:

/script BuyMerchantItem(1 , {1})
/script BuyMerchantItem(2 , {1})
/script BuyMerchantItem(3 , {1})

Watch out! The macro works only with Usuri Brightcoin <Money Changer> in the Underbelly.
by Yehu
01 Nov 2013 07:59
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Topic: Vote site challange rewards -October
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Re: Vote site challange rewards -October

Rofl "08:22" If you are so desperate about the vote points and rewards donate or vote more. Or try to post a similar topic at 7:14 in 1 month :D
by Yehu
20 Oct 2013 15:17
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Topic: Interesting facts about WoW
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Interesting facts about WoW

I found this article about interesting facts about WoW. I didnt want to copy the whole text so I am posting the whole link here. Feel free to comment which surprise or make you lol the most. My 2 favorite: Bosses had...
by Yehu
24 Sep 2013 17:22
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Topic: [Rejected] Regarding the Ulduar Token Gear
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Re: Regarding the Ulduar Token Gear

I think people will rather wait for fixes and then obtain the tokens. Not like they would need it asap. People will not even use it in raids :D