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by joyalam
03 Nov 2013 17:56
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Topic: Ardoner mounted flag run wsg
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Ardoner mounted flag run wsg

Running with flag being mounted.. This kind of hackers/bugabusers are the reason many people loose their interest in this server. Most dont have time to capture snaps.. i sumhow managed to select his tag and the icons clearly show mounted with flag

by joyalam
15 Aug 2013 17:52
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Topic: Stuck at loading page.
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Stuck at loading page.

Both my characters, when loading gets stuck in loading page where tips show. The music stops but nothing happens. tried turning off addon, lowering settings, deleted cache. Anyone else facing this? I also tried teleporting to sw from site, still load issue.
by joyalam
03 Aug 2013 13:16
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Topic: FPS Dropping without Dropping (Ghosting?)
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Re: FPS Dropping without Dropping (Ghosting?)

here's how i fix it. i got enough specs and ocd to run wow 3 times or more together at 1200p, still fps semms like jumping

go to video, change setting, apply. change setting back again, apply. smooth as silk
by joyalam
03 Aug 2013 13:12
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Topic: shadowmeld
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Re: shadowmeld

if the mob is attacking u, melding is pointless. if bit range, even small range, shadowmeld, it works. i do it al the time
by joyalam
03 Aug 2013 13:04
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Topic: sticks @ 'authenticating' during login
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Re: sticks @ 'authenticating' during login

same situation here. cant log. how long before its on?
by joyalam
03 Aug 2013 13:01
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Topic: Authentication Problems
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Re: Authentication Problems

authentication is server issue, not pc issue. he was able to post this, meaning his dns and rest are fine.