• Fixed "Hack and Slash" proc
    • Rogue "Killing Spree" will report when melee will fail to hit target


    Alterac Valley

    • Spawn Stormpike banner and frostwolf banner in Alterac Valley and make "Proving Grounds" quest completable



    • Kologarn will now despawn at evade

    Auchindoun: Mana Tombs

    • Added formations and corrected waypoints for creatures
    • Fixed stats for all creatures

    Dire Maul

    Pit of Saron

    • Pit of Saron missing roleplay events rework (by Docmin)

    Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom

    • Properly handle mushrooms grow animation. When poisonus mushroom will killself, system will free up position queue for other mushroom (Amanitar encounter)


    • Implemented cosmetic bridge events

    Sethekk Halls

    • Corrected doors to Sethekk Halls
    • Updated spawn positions, added waypoints
    • Fix stats and positions, add missing creatures


  • Fixed start time for "Nights event"
  • Improvements for Kalu'ak fishing derby 1) Map wide (Northrend) yells for when event starts and ends 2) Map Wide (Northrend) Announce when someone turns in quest for main prize 3) Only The Kalu'ak fishing derby quest will be available while noone has turned in quest once first player has turned in quest the only quest offered will be Better Luck Next time 4) Players will only be able to one turn in each week
  • Announce to STV when Stranglethorn fishing extravaganza starts, ends and when the main prize is claimed
  • Removed some scorpions and boars from horde brewfest camp while event is active



  • Fix Sunfury Technician behaviour during shutting down manaforge b'naar, coruu and duru
  • Make Caledis Brightdawn remove aura which makes players friendly to npc at manaforge coruu once the quest for which it is needed is returned
  • Make Terrordale Spirit despawn Terrordale Haunting Spirit (GOB) when summoned
  • Correction to Highlord Demitrian script for Summon Vessel of Rebirth
  • Rescripted "Dalaran Visitor" events
  • Increase visibility of Dry Haystack and adjusted respawn time
  • Improved script for creature Iskalder
  • Added pathing to Azuregos and Spirit of Azuregos
  • Hide the non working injured rainspeaker oracles which should be pooled
  • Add missing scripts to Borean Tundra creatures
  • Corrected pathing for Bimble Longberry
  • Rescripted Voidshrieker
  • Added damage reduction auras to Skra'gath
  • Some updates for Injured Rainspeaker Oracle
  • Fix double summon of Yorus during stunning defeat at the ring
  • Improved Soulguard Watchman script


  • Adjusted respawn time on Blue Dragon Eggs
  • Major Warden and Anticheat system rework
  • Added additional "Calcified Elven Gem" object spawns and adjusted respawn time
  • Handle vote kick as failed if there cannot be 3 votes agreeing. i.e: 4 players, vote kick starts, 1 rejects, vote is considered as failed. (By Jackpoz)