Biweekly Newsfeed #9
28 Sep 2021 19:37

This week we don’t have the biggest news to share with you. We have a short update on our developer Andrius and then we will tell you a bit about Brewfest. As the last thing we will ask for you guys help, but that we will get back to later.

Shall we get started?

Update on Andrius

First of all thank you for all the thoughts, strength and power that has been sent his way. He has made a well recovery, not fully done but getting there. He is finally home and you will notice him around a bit here and there. With that said, he is not back the same way as before, he still has a bit of recovery to do and we all want him to focus on that first, so things are still going to be a bit slow but hopefully more stable.

We can all now be happy that we got him home safe and put one worry aside! Thank you for standing strong with us, when the situation hit. We appreciate all the support that was given to us as Staff and to Andrius’ recovery!



Right now there is an event going on called Brewfest. You can que in the dungeon finder system from level 78 to do Coren Direbrew. He drops different kind of Trinkets, that you can use as level 80. And then he provides you with a Keg-shaped Treasure Chest that gives you 2 Emblems of Frost and some Brewfest Prize Tokens. These tokens can be redeemed for some different items for use for achievements. To find all the achievements you have to go under “World Events” and then “Brewfest”.

This year we have chosen to add in the Brewfest Ram. You can now buy the Brewfest Ram for 600 Brewfest Prize Tokens, at the vendor in the Brewfest Camp.



As you guys are aware, we love giving you guys these News Feeds and have gotten great feedback based on them. But since we are just people we sometimes run thin on what we should write in them. So if you feel like you have any idea or maybe have a suggestion that we could look into, then feel free to share it with us. Maybe you have the perfect topic and others would appreciate it too. We are at least open to hear any suggestions because together we make this better and greater!


We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. If you have any suggestions for upcoming releases - let us known in Private Messages on the forums or on the Discord server. Thank you for playing TrueWoW!
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