Our realms merging - 2 November
15 Oct 2020 11:25
Following the previous announcement, our realms will merge on 2 November. Starting from 11AM server time, at least 4 hours of downtime is expected. The functionality of both realms is already the same but afterwards all your characters can be found under TrueWoW (which is no longer a PvP realm). At the same time both arena seasons will end and rewards given accordingly, more information about our arena seasons can be found here and here.

• 10+ Characters: If your account has more than 10 characters across both realms then a new account will get created with the same username except a comma "," added in front. All characters from your least played realm will be moved to that account. The account will be linked to the same forum account but first requires a password reset in the Account Manager. Contact staff if you need help with recovery or if you want a new username for this account.

• Name conflicts: If a character name is taken at both realms, the one with the most played time keeps it. In this case you still get the option for a free rename if you wish to give the name to the other character (maybe you own both characters). The other character will be forced to choose a new name at next login. Inactive characters were already renamed so there are not many conflicts. If you believe you deserved the name instead, contact staff with reasons to review it manually and don't rename the character until you have an answer.

• Guild names: The guild with the most members keeps the name, the other gets a dot "." added. These guild leaders may contact staff if they wish a new name or for review if there are objections. Additionally only a few arena teams are affected with inactive leaders, hardly worth mentioning.

• Addon settings: These are saved with your WoW client and won't automatically work for PrimalWoW characters because the realm name gets changed. The same happens with a change in username or character name. You can go to this topic if you need help to copy settings.

It's a full merge so nothing else should really be affected. As said before, we won't delete any characters, items, etc.
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